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Advertising Packages

Credit or Cash- while you can have a listing on the site for free, there are a few different options for paying for higher rankings, more photos, and more space in your description. You can purchase ads individually or buy a credit package that will give you a discount over multiple ads. When you purchase a larger advertising package, credits are added to your account. Credits have the same value as dollars 1-1, on the site, however, you can purchase credit at discount rates when buying the larger packages.

Verified Profiles

Get your profile verified (bluetick) and help assure your customers that the photos you post and the information listed is true and accurate. This helps save you time every day and reduces the amount of time spent on time wasters and picture collectors. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Just upload at least one photo of yourself, holding a sign with your Username & either your phone number or email address. Please show your whole body, including and distinguishing features that may be in the photosets that you have already uploaded. If you do not wish to show your face, please wear the same outfit that you have on in your photo sets to ensure ease in verification. *Please note, the photos uploaded on this form will not be part of your profile, and will not be seen by the public.

Rules and Regulations-

Laws For Advertising

Each state has different rules on what you can say, what you can see, and who can advertise. While we try to outline what you need to know here, please be aware that it is your responsibility to make sure that you comply with all the rules in your location.


Please see the PLA website for a full list of the guidelines for advertising in Queensland.
The following are a few directly relevant rules for all ads from the guidelines

  • Advertisements that state or imply that unsafe sex (that is, sexual intercourse or oral sex without the use of a prophylactic) will be provided are prohibited.
    • For example: use of words “natural”, “bareback”, “basic”, “skin to skin”, and the like are prohibited.
  • Advertisements that may hold out or include a statement intended or likely to induce a person to seek employment as a prostitute are prohibited.
  • Advertisements describing or referring to body fluids or body waste are not permitted. Example: tasty, juicy and the like.
  • Advertisements referring to drugs and drug use are prohibited.
    • Note: References to “drug-free” are allowed.
  • Advertisements must not state or imply that sex workers are under the age of 18 years or are virgins. The following words are prohibited: “fresh”, “new to the industry/business”, “beginner” and “never been touched”.
    • Note: The use of the words “young”, “student”, “girl” or “boy”,” or similar, are permissible when used in conjunction with an age that is at least 18, because it makes explicit that the sex worker is at least 18 years of age. For example: 22-year-old student, or 18+ girl.
  • The sexual organs or anus of a person.
  • A sexual act or simulated sexual act.
  • A person under the age of 18 years.
  • Prostitution advertisements which contain an image of a person, which render that person child-like in appearance, unless immediately accompanied by a statement that the person depicted is at least 18 years of age.
  • An animal in reference or implication to bestiality.
  • Pictures, drawings or references to alcohol, drugs, drug use, unsafe sex, underage sex or sexual activity.


An advertisement must not:

  • describe services offered
  • describe the health of workers, or any diagnostic procedures or medical testing they have undertaken
  • refer to massage services by the use of the words ‘massage’, ‘masseur’ ‘remedial’ or similar words
  • induce a person to work as a sex worker.

The Sex Work Regulations 2016 detail advertising requirements, which relate to:

  • the disclosure of SWA numbers in all advertisements. The SWA number must be clearly legible in a point type no smaller than the smallest point type in the advertisement or 7 point type, whichever is the larger
  • any photograph or picture of a person. This must only show head and shoulders (unless the advertisement is published on the internet) and you must have the person’s written consent
  • any advertising that is published on the internet. Any such advertising may show the head and shoulders of the person but must comply with the content restrictions listed in the Regulations, including the depiction of bare breasts and genitals. You must have the person’s written consent
  • the form and size of print advertising
  • the descriptive content of text used; for example, you cannot include details of the health of, or any diagnostic procedures or medical testing undertaken by, the sex worker.

All other states have at least some rules about advertising but are far less onerous than the states listed above. Please use the available serves in each state, or refer to for more information and resources.